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About us

About Rosemary

Rosemary Restaurant - Tabuk

Rosemary is an herb that grows in many countries around the world, and its name has been associated with many legends. It is said that the Spanish poets called it the wreath, meaning the crown, because brides used to adorn it and put it on their hair. It is also said that mermaids love this plant and hide under it!.

And since the rosemary herb has all these meanings associated with love and beauty, we have chosen it to adorn the name of our restaurant, which you will fall in love with at first sight! And you will be addicted from the first bite!

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    We care about the details
    We at the Rosemary Ghosn Restaurant have paid attention to all the details, starting from the beauty of the place, passing through the best types of service, and ending with good taste!
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    Our Policy
    Our chefs will present a series of delicious eastern and western foods, with a flavor similar to the food of our mothers and grandmothers, the taste of which we cannot forget, no matter how many days pass us by, and how we change places!

We promise you an experience full of deliciousness and beauty in our restaurant! And despite the advice of doctors to reduce the amounts of food and follow diets, we see that there is no objection to some gluttony and rebellion sometimes, especially if you love to enjoy delicious food!

Chef's Word

“Since I was a child, I’ve been addicted to watching cooking shows and preparing delicious dishes. I found my passion there! And I’ve worked hard to develop my talent in this field. My fellow chefs and I put our hearts into every dish we prepare! We promise you that you will love your memories in our restaurant And your first visit won’t be the last!

Oriental food section

While preparing our menu, we cannot forget the set of oriental dishes that we love and are used to. Since ancient times, the Arabs have been known for their cooking skills and delicious taste! Who among us does not like the delicious Kabsa dish, which is flavored with the most delicious seasonings and spices, and with it pieces of meat or chicken seasoned with herbs and spices rich in its taste and benefits. And do not forget the Jordanian Mansaf, which is no longer necessary for you to be in Jordan to be able to taste it. We, at Ghosn Rosemary Restaurant, provide the Jordanian Mansaf, which is made according to its origins, within our range of dishes. And what about the Palestinian maqlouba dish filled with potato slices, eggplant and delicious cauliflower pieces! As soon as we turn the pot over, its delicious aroma will escalate!

All these dishes, along with a series of delicious foods, salads and soups of oriental cuisine, are available at Ghosn Rosemary Restaurant!

Western food section

For Western food lovers, here we are at the Rosemary Ghosn restaurant, offering you a group of the most delicious dishes of Western cuisine, such as Italian fettuccine, pesto pasta, pizza, delicious Greek salad, and other foods that you will find on the restaurant’s menu.

At a time when every person is preoccupied with his cause and concerns, our case at Ghosn Eklil Rosemary Restaurant is preparing pasta, pizza, meatballs, and delicious dishes!

Appetizer section

In Rosemary Ghosn Restaurant, we will decorate the table with a set of delicious side dishes alongside the main course.
Grape leaves, kibbeh, hummus, potatoes, muttabal, muskhan rolls, and many other delicious Arabic and Western appetizers.

You must have felt hungry while reading and seeing all these delicious foods! Book your appointment now at Ghosn Aklil Restaurant, and enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience!

Sweets section

With the bitterness of some of these days, we had to add a pinch of sugar to our lives! is not it?!
At Rosemary Ghosn Restaurant, your life will always be full of sweetness, cream, pudding, honey and Umm Ali!

Join us to enjoy the taste of wonderful desserts!

Juices and drinks

Our restaurant menu includes a range of delicious and rich drinks!
You will get the benefits of delicious fruits as soon as you drink these natural juices full of vitamins!

We have not forgotten, of course, coffee and hot drinks lovers! As it is said that coffee is a long-lived old woman who has righteous grandchildren who kiss her every morning and evening! If you are one of its righteous descendants, do not forget to visit us and enjoy the great taste of our coffee!

Intentions and occasions

Rosemary Ghosn Restaurant is ready to cater to your external requests in your invitations and occasions.

Contact us to cater to your event, and get the satisfaction and compliments from all the invitees!