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About Rosemary

Rosemary Restaurant - Tabuk

We at the Rosemary Restaurant have paid attention to all the details, starting from the beauty of the place, passing through the best types of service, and ending with good taste!

Our chefs will present a series of delicious eastern and western foods, with a flavor similar to the food of our mothers and grandmothers, the taste of which we cannot forget, no matter how many days pass us by, and how we change places!

Rosemary Restaurant

Rosemary responsibility

We promise you an experience full of deliciousness and beauty in our restaurant! And despite the advice of doctors to reduce the amounts of food and follow diets, we see that there is no objection to some gluttony and rebellion sometimes, especially if you love to enjoy delicious food!

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Oriental food
Oriental food
We offer our dishes on their original basis to be unique in the original taste
Western food
Western food
We are distinguished by western dishes within international standards
All of our products are fresh and carefully selected
The most delicious Arabic sweets in our own way
Fresh Rosemary

The daily breakfast section has opened

Rosemary’s breakfast menu varies from eastern and western items to ensure that all customers’ tastes are satisfied at all times.

The restaurant offers a wide variety of items such as: hummus, cheese, eggs, sajiyat, manakish and many more, in addition to a list of fresh juices that we prepare immediately upon request.

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